What is Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular dystrophy is a progressive disease which wastes away at muscle tissue over time. It is an inherited genetic condition that there is presently no cure for. Although minds remain unaffected, wasted muscles leave the individual physically dependent on others for most, if not all, of their daily living needs.

IMG_0257There are many types of muscular dystrophy by which both women and men can be affected. The progressive condition slowly erodes an individual’s ability to carry out the necessary tasks of daily living. As time goes on, people with MD need more and more assistance doing those things able bodied people take for granted.

Although there is presently no cure, advances in medical care over the last 20 years have extended the life of people afflicted by the disease. On average, people with MD have longer life expectancies than in the past, which means keeping the camp experience available to them is of greater importance.

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