Volunteer Nurse Description

Certification & Qualifications

The WALH Camp Staff Nurse is responsible for providing daily health services for approximately 35 adult campers and 40 volunteer attendants. The role of the camp nurse is to assist campers to meet their health needs and provide care in the event of an emergency.

Volunteer Staff Nurse must have and provide a current LPN or RN license and CPR certification. The camp nurse should have the ability to monitor the nurse’s station, maintain confidential records, and implements the health care plan. Additionally, the camp nurse should possess good character, integrity, adaptability and enthusiasm.


In order to best meet the health needs for the camp, the nurse (in consultation with the camp leaders) should:

  • Obtain copies of attendee’s camp application – Health Information Summary. The Health Information Summary includes health history, allergies, daily care routine, medications to be taken during camp, expected treatments, etc.
  • If medical care is required, obtain detailed information or directives from the appropriate health care professional who is responsible for the camper’s specific health needs if necessary (e.g. physician or primary care provider).
  • Establish a process for contacting medical services and emergency services as required, for example, the location of the nearest telephone on camp premises, the location and telephone numbers for the nearest medical services and emergency services.
  • Monitor health of all attendees and consult with camp leaders regarding staff-related health issues.
  • Advice volunteer attendants, camp leaders and cooks of adult campers with special needs.
  • Provide skilled nursing care when needed or beyond the comfort level or scope of care provided by volunteer attendants (i.e., colostomy care, diabetes testing and insulin administration, etc.).
  • Demonstrate a respect for individuals, respect for property, responsibility and good judgment, decorum and politeness.
  • Take responsibility for living by both Camp Wawbeek and WALH rules and Code of Conduct.
  • Inventory and stock appropriate supplies for first aid kits and the health care area

At Orientation, the camp nurse will assist with the following:

  • Review with volunteer staff the orientation program as it relates to the specific care needs of adult campers and volunteer attendants.
  • Assist in training volunteer attendants in topics such as camp health and safety, CPR, first aid, and use of universal precautions for infection control.
  • Promote, as appropriate, good health practices (i.e., hand washing, protection from the sun and the use of sun screen, hydration during hot weather, etc.).
  • Review with all attendees the process for contacting medical services and emergency services.
Medication Administration

The safe administration of both prescribed and over the counter medications is vital. The camp nurse should encourage campers to maintain as much responsibility for their own care based on their individual ability. Adult campers and mature minors, who are normally responsible at home for self-administration of medications, should continue to self-medicate during camp. Medications should be kept by the adult camper or volunteer attendant in a secure locked compartment. Urgent medications such as inhalers and anaphylactic kits should be kept with the camper in a secure place.

If the camp nurse is required to administer medications to campers, the adult camper/guardian should give written instructions and consent for the camp nurse to administer prescribed medications in the original labeled prescription medication containers. The nurse is then responsible for the collection, storage, distribution, and administration of those medications at camp.


A record should be kept of all health care activities, including information on medications collected, stored, distributed and administered. Health records for each adult camper and volunteer attendant are the property of “With A Little Help…”, Inc. and should be stored in a safe and secure place. The camp nurse has a responsibility to protect and promote confidentiality of information.

Any concerns or recommendations for improvement of certain aspects of the camp facilities, processes, etc. to enhance safe competent nursing care should also be recorded and communicated to camp leaders.

Terms & Compensation

Volunteer Staff Nurse must be willing to stay on premises during the week of camp. Serving as the Volunteer Staff Nurse is entirely voluntary and without compensation.

Although “With A Little Help…”, Inc. carries insurance coverage in the event of a liability suit, it is recommended that the Camp Staff Nurse also carries their own liability insurance.