Volunteer Attendant Description

The main goal of WALH is to provide a fun and enjoyable camping experience for the participants while at the same time making them feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. We want them to have confidence in the fact that their needs will be met with the utmost safety and care so that they can focus on having a great time. That is why our volunteers are so important. As a WALH volunteer, your job is to see that the needs of the participant assigned to you are met to the reasonable satisfaction of that participant.

As a WALH volunteer, you will work one-on-one with the adult participant, assisting with some or all of the following daily tasks:

  • Personal care, including bathing/showering, using the commode/urinal, brushing teeth, shaving, etc.
  • Normal daily routines including dressing/undressing, transferring in and out of wheelchair, positioning for comfort, eating/drinking, etc.
  • Camp activities such as arts and crafts, playing games, swimming, sports and trail rides

IMG_2134The level of assistance needed will vary. Some participants are very independent and require very little help while others need much more. You will need to work with your assigned participant to determine how much help they require. A little bit of patience and a positive attitude are definitely pluses for a good volunteer, as well as a sense of humor and an open mind.

You don’t have to have prior experience to be a volunteer attendant. Volunteers will not be compensated for their time, beyond being provided with room and board during camp. Orientation and training will be provided, but there are some requirements.

Volunteers will:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be able to lift and transfer
  • be willing to learn
  • have a sense of responsibility that the safety of the participant depends on you
  • have good character, integrity and adaptability
  • commit to an entire week of volunteering
  • be respectful of others and their personal property
  • complete an annual application and confidentiality statement
  • interview with the Camp Coordinator

What can you take from your volunteer experience?

  • A fun-filled week participating in various activities
  • Learn fundamental skills in assisting people with disabilities
  • Possibly earn college/community service credit for your volunteer time
  • Gain an understanding of what caring for a person with a disability entails
  • Help our participants enjoy the best camp of their lives