JoAnn Price

JoAnn Price here. I have been coming to camp since the beginning of time. My sister was the brilliant one who put this organization together. I’m trying to follow in her footsteps to keep “with a little help” moving in the right direction. I would love to be more involved with the board. I have good intentions of listening to everybody’s concerns and ideas, and I have good ideas and intentions to bring together a great summer camp for 2023. Since I’ve moved to Milwaukee I can be more involved with fundraising and other events that take place here. I would like to see us have more social events outside of camp. Maybe trips to the botanical gardens or Summerfest, State Fair Park. And if people can’t make it I’d like it to be a highbred event or you can join us on zoom. I really would like to be a strong promoter and adviser for this organization. I am ready to step up and help lead this organization into a brilliant future.